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About Me

I only have rule for life and that is live with intention. Scroll down to learn more about who I am and what I am about. 

I’m nikki barron

First and foremost, I consider myself an artist. I work with both graphic design and photography to explore the world and express myself.  

I am a marketing expert with over a decade of experience. I hold a degree in graphic design from North Seattle College. I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years. 

I currently work as Head of Marketing for Mastin Labs. I accepted a position with Mastin Labs after working as an interim freelance Head of Marketing with them for two years while having my own agency for 5. It was a hard decision to close the doors to my agency but I knew I could do great things at Mastin Labs and would grow immensely under the leadership of the founder, Kirk Mastin. 

I am also a marketing and business coach for creatives. I decided to start coaching creatives because I was still receiving requests to work on projects, and every project request that came in made me so excited and set my brain buzzing with ideas! I had marketing FOMO. 

For a while, I would take coffee meetings and just dump all my ideas on people. They left, didn’t start on any of them and when I saw them later, they expressed feelings of being overwhelmed by our meeting. In my attempt to help I was actually harming the creatives reaching out to me.  

I started this blog separate from my coaching site so I could muse about topics outside of marketing, business and techniques for self-actualization, all things I offer in my professional life. I wanted a place to share about travel, food, my own journey and really just create a space to try to figure it all out, whatever it may be, with others who might find something in what I have to say.