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I’m Nikki

Creative, Entrepreneur & Advocate

What I am about

Head of Marketing at Mastin Labs, Creative Coach at kittenteeth, Founder of PaperCut, & Board Member at Techbridge Girls PNW.

I am also a photographer, videographer and graphic designer.

Always on a journey to add more “ands” to myself

Here’s what I’ve been musing about lately

My Travel Hacks for Frequent Travel

Travel is fun and rewarding, but it can also be physically and financially demanding. Through the years, I have found a few small adjustments can make a huge difference for me. Some of them originated in my search on the subject, and some were through just experimenting. I hope they can help make travel even more enjoyable!

Tips for Planning Your Travel Agenda

I have a pretty formulaic approach to crafting my schedule when I travel that I am happy to share with you. I like to mix up my agenda with local vibes and tourist vibes; A balance of both gives me an excellent sense of a place without feeling like I missed out on really getting to know a place.

The White Girl & Her Posole Recipe

I previously never paid much mind to who my biological dad is or who his family is. I know they come from the Sinaloa region of Mexico and that most of his immediate family has immigrated to the United States. They live in California, I think. I am Facebook friends with him and some of his family. I’ve watched these strangers get married, have children, go through divorces, remarry, travel, and experience loss of other family members I do not know.